Obama again delays Afghanistan troop drawdown



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Obama announcing that the troops will stay in Afghanistan until he remains in office. Obama hopes to accomplish some missions to the Afghan security as in to train them and to help them out in operations. Although he did say the Afghan government is responsible to secure their country; while the U.S. troops are there. This decision renewed a partnership with Afghanistan for a common interest and risk. The plan is to maintain 5,500 U.S. military troops in Afghanistan in late 2016 or early 2017.

it is a good idea to send more troops to help out Afghanistan. Even though Obama decided to do this on the year when his term will end; I consider it to be a good way to end his term. This serves in our best interest to secure our relationship with the Afghan government and to secure ourselves from the terrorist attacks. This idea will bring this long war into an end in my opinion. I hope this works even though the U.S. troops could not do anything in Iraq; hopefully this plan has a great turn out.