Obama Lifts Arms Export Embargo On Vietnam



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Recently President Obama lifted the arms export embargo on Vietnam due to the increase in Chinese hostility and its aggressive expansion. Reagan imposed the ban as an executive order and Obama lifted it as an executive order. It will be Congress however, that will give the approval for individual arms sales. Even former POW John McCain agrees in helping Vietnam, and he was tortured by them! President Obama also announced several big trade deal with Vietnam. They going to buy 100 Boeing passenger jets, Pratt & Whitney jet engines, and signed a deal with General Electric to develop wind-generated power.

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Closing up old wounds with our eastern, former, enemies is just what we need. America’s hindsight of China’s expansion is also admirable, with Vietnam being an easy target for China we’re making the right move by helping Vietnam. Although we must be careful because there is always the chance that Vietnam may dupe us and use our weapons against us and actually help the Chinese anyway, since China, they say, is communist.