Obama’s Final Actions



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Not every president has a good final action. The influence of President Obama can be seen in his last actions as a president.  Some may say he was influenced by others and did whatever the people wanted and this is not good leadership but most would agree that stopping terrorism is good for everybody. His actions left his enemies upset and his friends sad to see him go.

America has very divided feelings about the President right now.  The final actions of Obama and the first actions of Trump have one thing in common; they are direct actions of a President who wants to shape his image.  Those who voted against Trump are trying to hang on to the memories of President Obama to find comfort from the first actions of President Trump but those who voted for Trump are looking to the new President as a way to forget and change the actions of the old.

His final speech

When President Barack Obama emerged to greet a massive, cheering audience at the cavernous McCormick Place convention center in Chicago on January 10, he was looking to the path ahead and reflecting about the legacy he was leaving behind.

His final press conference

President Obama used the final press conference of his presidency to deliver a hopeful message Wednesday to a nation nervous about the looming change of power in Washington: “At my core, I think we’re going to be OK.” This is good advice for anybody facing uncertain times.

 Meeting with the Chicago Cubs

President Barack Obama celebrated the World Series champion Chicago Cubs on Monday and spoke about the power sports has to unite people.  This type of action helps any President to be seen as Chief Citizen of the people.

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His final military order

US B-2 bombers struck and destroyed two ISIS camps in Libya overnight, with initial estimates that over 80 militants were killed. The strikes were on external actors who were actively “plotting attacks in Europe,” Secretary of Defense Ash Carter told reporters. The mission was approved several days ago by President Barack Obama and is expected to be the last short-notice military operation ordered by him, according to sources.


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