Ohio State Football Player Missing, Kidnapping or Suicide?

Ohio State Football Player Missing, Kidnapping or Suicide?


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On November 26th at 2:30 AM Kosta Karageorge, a Ohio State football player went missing. Police and community are doing everything they can to find him. They are putting flyers around town and asking around to see if someone knows where Kosta is. At 1:30 AM he sent a message to his parents acting like he was disappointed in himself and said his head was messed up from concussions he received. He did’t show up to practice the following wednesday, which concerned his coaches and that’s when his parents and peers started to really worry.

In this situation two things could of happened, and I have my mind set on what happened. Either he got kidnapped/killed or he committed suicide. Im inclined to think he committed suicide, because the text his parents received. He said “I am sorry if I am an embarrassment but these concussions have my head all f***ed up.” Concussions mess with your head and will have you not thinking straight. If he did commit suicide because of concussions this is wrong of him and also makes you question the mental health of football players after receiving many blows to the head. Obviously they should do further research and get to the bottom of this, but if he did commit suicide maybe football players should be more cautious or get safer head gear. I can relate to concussions, they have your mind cloudy and you feel dumb. Sometimes if there bad enough you don’t recover fully. It’s almost like you have been doing drugs and you can’t learn or process. Kosta might of felt like he had so many concussions that he just couldn’t deal with it anymore, as he claimed in his text to his parents it messed up his head, so that’s why I have come to that conclusion. I’ve been recently updated that Kosta took his life, Police Officials found his body on December first. I am shocked my predictions were correct and it is still a mistery why he killed himself but i know that near his body he left a note.