Old School Hip-Hop

Old School Hip-Hop


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There used to be a time when rappers were very famous, yet they had no clue on what heights they stood. Nowadays, rappers drop flop singles which have no real lyricism or flow, and they start thinking that they have innovated hip-hop. Back then the artists fought verbally through their music. They were in hip-hop just for the love and respect of peers and the people. These days rappers are only in hip-hop for the money, fame and women. Almost no one has a meaning behind their work. Hip-Hop used to be as pure as holy water. Everyone was able to enjoy it, and now these newbies have polluted it to become unhealthy. Everything has changed over-time. Lyrics, instrumentals, flow, delivery, dress-code,  and just about everything has been replaced with nothing but trash.


Being a lyrical miracle is what they want, that’s how it goes/

I’m afraid if I spit the truth I might end up like Pac, the holy ghost/

I’ve got nothing but the truth to show to the youth/

You believe in lies, you’re just confused/

Hip-Hop to you, let me just re-introduce/

First Verse 

So, once upon a time not that long ago/

There used to be rappers rapping about things other than money and girls/

Hip-Hop used to be an art form rather than a mockery of music that totally blows/

Rappers used to dress cool, not like clowns who ran straight out of a circus show/

I know it sounds like a fairy tale, something from a totally fictional world/

Like from the lands of the dragons, the fire spitting reptilian birds/

But legend says it all existed. Well, at least that’s what I’ve heard/

Rap was once all about lyrics, not about whack beats or who could dress up as the shiniest turd/

If you don’t believe me then you may approve from uncle Grim the third/

Alright you new school kids, who have no clue who Big L is, you self proclaimed adults huh?/

You say that Hip-Hip is dead while blindly following Lil Wayne’s messed up culture?/

You been an Eminem stan for too long, you just can’t see clear. Got your eyes closed even though the vision is here/

Is rap all about whining and crying about how bad your life is, so as to get people to wipe off your tears?/

Now don’t get me wrong, Eminem fans c’mon, but my message is clear/

You just don’t want to get out of that ignorance bubble, you have learnt to live in fear/

“Ah! What if I try a new artist and he comes out to be better than my Eminem dear?/

All of them better lyricist are like that bitter truth, you just don’t want to hear/


Second Verse

Now look, real Hip-Hop didn’t die, it was just buried alive/

It lives in the underground now, it just shifted base/

From the era of Tupac and Easy E, to the era of immortal lyricism and Twista’s pace/

So go shady like Em, Lace up like Kells, and lets just cut to the chase/

No fun in whining and crying how rap sucks now and those were the days/

Nothing is eternal, there’s an end to every phase/

So switch to the underground, it won’t disappoint you like that 2 bucks packet of lays/

Ha! So Dre beats on , man it’s Dr. Dre/

Now that’s one dude that just won’t die, nah, not today/

Now that’s one dude that just won’t go away/

So addicted to the game in that constant pace/

brought rap to a totally different place/

Making dope beats, people dancing to the dance floor heat, dude’s doing that each and every day/

Some things in life, just don’t happen twice/

And you won’t get another Dre when this one dies/

So before I walk away, let me make it clear that I’m also a stan/

“So, who’s your favorite white rapper?”, I once asked a shady fan/

Dude started laughing in ignorance when I told him mine’s RA The Rugged Man/

Ha-Ha! Life’s funny, people judge, but keep following your dream/

Just remember one thing, only the dead fish flow with the mainstream/


Third Verse

C’mon nowadays/

People don’t even remember the names/

Of the legends of Hip-Hop/

No nas, No Rakim, No Big Pun/

All these noobs want to do is support Lil Wayne and Rick Ross/

These  untalented artists drop their tapes and these people pick fast/ (lick fast)

And when I play my old school jam on my boom box/

These noobs say this stuff is flop by wicked nods/

All they care about are sexy models and sexy videos/

Forget the lyrics man it’s all about who bumped more beats on the stereo/

These underground clowns claiming to keep the culture alive but no one is coming up to change the senerio/

These days, rappers have no class or low class/

They jump in this game for no respect or dignity/

All they want is money, fame and sexy secretaries/

These rappers took rap to up their popularity bubble/

I never heard that our legends caused any trouble/

Young artists visit their cells twice a year/

Someone ask the rappers, “Now is this your career?”

Untalented artists want to jump their career from level one to Pac/

Hey noobs, do you even know what that guy had up his stock/

These new rappers spit a flop verse and celebrate like it rocks/

Vintage Hip-Hop was an art-form/

Rappers narrated stories of where they came from/

But nowadays all these lame artists care about are cars and women plus sales shows/

Jack sank with the titanic and now all we’re left with is Rose/

These noobs dress up like they ran straight out of a circus/

All they care about is the rhyme game, want to race but they can’t even complete the circuit/

Left bamboozled mid-way because their raps don’t carry a message or a purpose/

Hip-Hop would still have been alive if only Tupac and Big L weren’t shot dead/

Now I’m only waiting for the day when somebody lights up Lil Wayne’s head/

God! Why don’t you return our legends and take these wannabes instead//