Olenna Tyrell. The influence of powerful women.

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Who is Olenna Tyrell?

In this month of March where we celebrate the power and influence of women for good it is important to remember that we also are fascinated by the fictional stories of powerful women.  The Game of Thrones is based on fantasy but the political struggles mirror some reality in society today.

Olenna’s most prominent traits are her sharp wit, high cunning and intelligence. A politically astute woman, Olenna has been a master of court politics and intrigue her entire life. Olenna’s strength and competence in politics has made her the de facto head of House Tyrell and, by extension, the Reach itself. An outspoken woman with little patience for inconvenience, she is unafraid of using her power as head of House Tyrell to threaten her enemies.

In this captivating scene, we see Olenna having a discussion with another ruler, Ellaria Sand, ruler of house Dorne. Both of the women have a common enemy. Olenna has been robbed of her future. The last of her bloodline have been murdered by the common enemy and Ellaria makes an offer of alliance in the interest of Olennas survival but, Olenna makes it clear thats she’s not interested in survival then Ellaria changes her offer to “vengence and justice” which is what Olenna wants.


Throughout the show, Olenna portrays that leadership requires forethought and caution.