One Candidate Stands Out on the Palestinian-Israeli Conflict



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Bernie sanders is the first Jewish candidate, and the first U.S candidate to openly criticize Israel and the conflict between Israel and Palestine. He has called some of the attacks on Palestinians “reprehensible” and condemns attacks on either side.  Bernie Sanders believes that the last decades have not helped resolve the conflict in any way because of the continuous violence on both sides. He has supported funding an Isreali- Palestinian peace democracy fund to help finance both Israeli and Palestinian organizations committed to promoting; Democracy, human rights, and freedom of press as well as non violence among Palestinians and a peaceful two state solution between Israel and Palestine.

An example of a peace organization that Bernie is willing to fund is might be found at the following site:

For a different point of view on the funding of Peace groups and “Coexistence” of Israelis and Palestinians CLICK HERE.


This conflict has been going on for way to long and I see Bernies point of view. These two parties have continuously resorted to “empty rhetoric and violence” and there needs to be a solution for this as soon as possible. Before peace,  both parties need to recognize the existence of the other in existing in a two state solution where the Palestinians need to end terrorism against Isreael, as well as recognize Israel as its own state in existence, as Israel must; end their policy of targeted killings, prevent further settlements on Palestinian land, and prevent the destruction of Palestinian homes, businesses’, and infrastructure. This road will not be short and easy but it is a step in the right direction if Bernie is elected president.


Israel and the Palestinians