One Unique Friday in September

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Mentoring is defined as a relational approach to support and encourage people to maximize their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance and become the person they want to be. Every month at Mountain View, there is a mentor social that occurs at lunchtime.  It involves the entire school community.  Mentoring is a necessary function of our daily education but once a month we take extra time out of our Success Prep class to have a whole hour to engage, socialize, and have a great time with teachers, staff and students. If this first fine Friday in September is any indication of what is to come each month then we all know we can look forward to our days togehter at Mountain View.

Here are a few perspectives from teachers and students who enjoyed the September 24th Mentor Social 

 I really enjoy the opportunity to relax with the entire school community.  It was a beautiful day and everyone enjoyed each other’s company.  We had a variety of food items from the grill including hot dogs, hamburgers, and quesadillas.  The hospitality of our school community was clearly evident as teachers and students served one another.  – staff

I’m in the Hospitality class. My classmates and staff members were in charge of serving food to the whole school and the community. My classmates and staff were amazing. I felt that everything went well and everyone enjoyed it. We had lots of fun helping each other out on such a nice day. There was a balance of power because we were all in it together. There wasn’t a leader nor bossy people. We were all helping each other out and it was very equal, we’re looking forward to another picnic and will be delighted to serve you 🙂 . – student

Students serving students; fresh guacamole, salsa, beans and rice.

I am a new teacher to Mountain View so this was my first school-wide social event.  I was amazed by the many hands that made this event so enjoyable.  From the students in hospitality who prepared and served the food, to the teachers and staff who manned the grills and food stations.  It was so enjoyable to share a meal in a relaxed environment.  I was able to meet some students that I don’t teach, and some colleagues that I have only previously said hello to in the hallway.  I had some wonderful conversations today and felt so lucky to be a part of the Mountain View family. –teacher

Today was just perfect!  The weather, camaraderie, laughter and food!  Everyone was happy and having a great time:  The students stayed not only to eat – but also to enjoy conversation with colleagues and teachers alike!  The Hospitality students were gracious and obviously enjoying their work. I don’t remember seeing any students on their phones, either!  The BEST part was soccer!  Here is where my heart skipped a beat – our students may struggle learning a new language, culture, routine or course – but when it comes to footwork and a soccer ball, they are second to none – what a wonderful ice breaker between students who just joined us, and those who have been here since august; those from different schools, cultures and backgrounds!  Students who weren’t playing were watching, cheering and enjoying what they saw.  I was in awe – Mountain View is a wonderful place, indeed! staff

At school, trusted friends make a positive difference.
Enjoying a birthday celebration of soccer.
Enjoying a birthday celebration of soccer.
The day brought smiles to all of us

One student came from culinary academy at another campus and chilled out with friends.  He works in the resturant business and knows that hospitality is not always easy work but its worthwhile. Students understand that the ability to make friendships in a relaxed school setting builds resilliency and flexibility.  Sometimes it feels like young people have different and contradicting expectations and demands placed on them but here at school we feel like we have friends and teachers who listen to us. One teacher was quoted as saying “I am happy to have had the opportunity to have played some soccer with my students and talk to other students in a relaxed way.” -teacher H

When we can end our week at school enjoying some good food and relaxing with the entire school community then school becomes a place of close knit trust and it becomes a place that students what to come.   Some students just enjoyed the opportunity to take a nap in the sun after lunch while others practiced their skills of communication.  “I talked to a student in my class even if i’m awkward with it and it seemed everyone else enjoyed talking with their friends.” -student A

Every day can be an opportunity for celebration.  A mentoring community makes this possible.  Here is a description from a student who has never experienced such a welcoming activity at school before. ” 9/24/2021 on this day I celebrated being 20 years old.  It was the first birthday celebrated in the United States. It was great weather with a delicious lunch with my friends and after all these we played a great soccer match. Great day to make a good  birthday.  I asked myself why I had never experienced such a good day like this in my 20 years and its because of the new liberty and authority I am experienceing in the United States.  When power is not out of control in a society then we all benefit from the balance of liberty. Mountain View shows me that a school can be a place of authority for teachers and students together.” – student T

Friday Lunch al fresco
Great teamwork to make everything in the best way

Students at Mountain View represent diverse world cultures.  In this community we have cultural perspectives from every continent.  Here is a description of the day from a student who knows the value of diplomacy. I enjoyed today because we had a one hour lunch and I met new people; it was fun.  Meeting new people is good because you learn something from them.  It is also entertaining to share the common language of laughter. I have learned other languages from my classmates and I know about many different cultures.  The best way to respect others is to care for them and listen to what others  say. At Mountain View we value family and relationships and practice love and respect for each other. – student N


Cooperation and organization showed in this photo
Enjoying the day with dialogue