Openly Gay NFL Player Kisses Boyfriend on National Television

Openly Gay NFL Player Kisses Boyfriend on National Television


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I am sure everyone was aware of the NFL drafting on Thursday, May 8, 2014. Micheal Sam was picked to play for the St. Louis Rams as a 7th round pick. With the excitment and happiness he was expressing, he turned and kissed his boyfriend, Vito Cammisano. The kiss was shown live on national television which sparked heated comments from fans, former and current football players, and the president himself. Many fans showed disgust for the kiss and made rude comments.

Former football player, Derrick Ward, tweeted several times about the kiss, displaying his non acceptance for it. Current football player, Don Jones also expressed his dissaproval by tweeting “horrible”, “digusting”, etc. He later deleted the comments and Miami Dolphins has fined him for his comments made. Jones has also publically apologized for his actions. Though recieving many disapproving and hurtful comments throughout the nation, Sam’s boyfriend, Vito showed excitment and happiness through it all. He has tweeted about the accomplishments of his football player boyfriend and his excitement to stay in their home state. Michael Sam has not publicly spoken on the topic yet, but displays great excitement for his first season in the NFL.

What is wrong with this picture? It is understandable that some may not like the public display of affection between two homosexuals but it is their freedom. It is just like a male and a female kissing. Just becuase it is not normally seen doesnt mean that they should have to be scared to show their love. It was out of excitement and happiness so why must others rain on their parade just because they shared their happiness together?Everyone deserves their big moment and Sam’s own was possibly taken from him because of his sexual orientation.