Operation “Growing Pains”



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Operation “Growing Pains” was a 4 month operation that began in February, the catalyst behind the operation was the murder of 16-year-old Brendon Wilson. He was murdered last year on a path near Woodbridge High School, five people were arrested in connection of the murder.

The operation focused on younger drug abusers and anyone connected to drug dealing in Prince William County. They had several undercover officers. The results were four search warrants, 26 arrest warrants, and as of last Friday, 19 were in custody. During the operation they weren’t searching for a specific drug but they did found cocaine, LSD, shrooms, Xanax, marijuana, wax, a handgun and a lot of cash.

Its shocking that many of these teens are teens I went to middle and high school with. Its upsetting in a way, but they need help. It isn’t too late, they have a whole life in front of them.