“Out with the racists, in with the feminists.”



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Feminist Initiative is a political campaign that is becoming very popular in the country of Sweden, which has been very closed to diversity in parliament. People are not often educated on salaries, and the wages are very tied with race ,and gender. so there is this new campaign which contains women as candidates for parliament, who are fighting for equal rights for race gender and disabilities. Sweden progressed politically in recent years, but not much towards social equality. Equality is what this campaign has to offer, they believe that for a brighter future there must be equality and diversity within the Congress of Sweden.

News for the campaign is spreading as it’s gaining popularity. It is most likely to win on the next held elections. One of the main topics under equality is wages, as they differ vastly on the employee’s characteristics (gender, race ,etc.) to determine a wage. This also occurs with other types of payments, such as salaries, and commissions. By giving equality to everyone, Sweden can take a leap and manage to do more projects for it’s own benefits as a nation.  As it’s campaign slogan states “Out with the racists, in with the feminists.”

In my opinion the problem here lies within Sweden’s government. It never before protected wages by the nations diversity, and only benefited Swedish national citizens. The solution is best presented by this campaign which is set to bring equality. And could do so faster than the US because of their population which is about 1/32 of the population in the USA according to the census of 2013 (Sweden) and 2012 (USA).