Patriot vs Loyalist : The Ride of Paul Revere

Patriot vs Loyalist : The Ride of Paul Revere


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Paul Revere was a famous British Patriot who warned that the “British were coming!” as the Revolutionary War began in Lexington and Concord Mass. in 1776.

Paul Revere and his fellow patriots wanted war but the British loyalists did not.  Loyalists wanted to stay loyal to King George. Many Loyalists were rich plantation owners.  Patriots felt taxed and wanted to do things on their own. Patriots were colonists who supported war with the British to get what they wanted.  They are famous for saying “No taxation without representation!” because they did not want to pay high royal taxes without a direct vote. Loyalists feared that they would not be able to defend and protect themselves without the protection of England. Loyalists were forced out of town and to Canada in the north after the war.

 How do you think this loyal British presence in Canada affected the causes of the war of 1812?