People Who Are Deaf



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Deaf people can not hear sounds. Some people are born deaf and some people become deaf from a sickness or getting hurt. Some people are people are totally unable to hear sound in both ears and others cannot hear in only one ear. There are two types of hearing loss. The first is when you inner ear, or auditory nerve, is damaged. The other kind happens when the sound waves cannot reach the inner ear. If a person doesn’t get treatment hearing can get worse.

There are many things that can cause hearing loss. For example people working in construction use jackhammers that are very loud and can cause hearing loss. Some soldiers become deaf because combat aircrafts make a lot of noise.  One of the major causes of hearing loss is aging. Also, listening to loud music  on your phone or going to loud concert can damage your hearing. Believe it or not, certain types of medication may give a person hearing loss.

Some deaf people can hear a little. That person may have difficulties with conversations with another person. So, they may wear hearing aids to hear sounds louder.  Some people may feel of being off balance or dizzy.

Another thing a deaf person can do is get cochlear implants. The implants help them hear some sounds. Still others use sign language to talk. The sign language is hand signals that stand for letters, words, and numbers. Some deaf people use  their voice to talk. Speech therapists teach them to speak clear.

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