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I’m seen as a sexist for not supporting Hillary Clinton, but in reality I would be a sexist if I do vote for her. I don’t believe in her words and especially in her promises, so why would I waste my only vote on someone who I see as incapable to do what is best for this country? Unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders has been an example of perseverance who fights with integrity and truth.

Bernie once said, “If you can’t afford to take care of your veterans, then don’t go to war. These people are bearing the brunt of what war is about. We have a moral obligation to support them.” It seems as if he is genuinely doing anything possible to help veterans.  There are over 50,000 homeless veterans who earned and deserve compensation and 500,000 soldiers that come back with post-traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury that do not get the health service they should get. If he gets elected he will ensure that veterans get what they deserve such as dental care, care giver provision and mental health service.

People are being blinded by what they see and hear on social media that they start believing it. They aren’t looking for accurate and reliable background information about what Hillary Clinton is promising to do. If people really had the effort and were less ignorant they would see the truth about Hillary Clinton. She’s willing to do anything in her power to win this election even if it means lying and promising things she does not believe in. She’s known and well respected for supporting women’s rights and LGBT rights. I find that very ironic because back in 2002 she did not support equal rights for LGBT Americans. She was extremely against gay marriage until 2013 and now all of sudden she became an advocate for gay marriage.  But unlike Hillary Clinton, Bernie sanders has been supporting gay marriage since 1996 and has continued supporting LGBT Americans.  He has also voted in favor of pro-choice and pro female bills throughout his political career.

Clinton is thought of as a symbol of feminism, but I see her as a symbol of hypocrisy.  Most women are looking at the fact that’s she’s a woman, but aren’t really seeing what contribution and changes she can do regarding climate change, education, foreign policy, finance reform, racial justice, criminals justice and economic reform.  If you get the time to compare Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders you will get the conclusion that he is offering more equality and opportunities for women.  Her presidential campaign is like her 1975 legal case. She did everything possible to defend the child rapist until she got him a lighter sentence.  When she got what she wanted even if it meant emotionally destroying that little 12 year old girl she stood content with the way things ended because winning is all she cares about.

I loved seeing Donald Trump on The Apprentice and hope to see him back on the show, but not so much as the future president. He would make great decisions and improve the United States economically, but he is not the best presidential candidate and instead should consider running for the Secretary of the Treasury. I would pick Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton, but luckily there’s Bernie Sanders who, unlike the other two, has the capacity and perseverance to improve this country.