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Pets are an important part in our lives. They can make our days different from others, but how do you know if your pet can help you?  Sometimes they show us the love that make us feel a good sensation or a good moment. when a pet is loving by many people, they feel comfortable and happy of be there. One of our main responsibilities towards our pets is ensuring their health and welfare. When a pet is sick, it needs medical attention, and even on a yearly basis a pet should have a check-up by a veterinarian. Our pets can get sick and need medicines too. Preventing and curing disease not only keeps them healthy, but it keeps us healthy too. Sometimes the government don’t want to help animals with diseases, but they don’t think in the importance to keep a life alive no matter whose life it is. We need to start doing little things that can convince others that the health of an animal is like the health of a human. A pet can help us in many ways in our lives such as:

They can help to reduce our negativity. When a dog, a cat, a rabbit, or other kind or animal is part of a family, they can feel like one member of the family too. They can feel when a member of the family is sad or happy. They are in the family for take care of us, they don’t want to leave us alone. They always are next to us, helping to feel good with their presence. When you are sad, they try to find a way how to help you. They trying to do any acrobatics to put a smile in your face.

They make us feel supported. Pets are always right next to us when we needed. They always are trying to support us with their time and their love. A pet never leave you alone in any circumstance or any problem. They always try to do their best for you and your family. When you feel alone, or unloved don’t worry about that because your pet would be next to you, giving you their support and you would be the most happy person in the world.

They can help stabilize our blood pressure. Lastly and possibly most impressively, owning a pet can actually help reduce your blood pressure. While medications like ACE inhibiting drugs can reduce high blood pressure, such medications aren’t effective enough to control blood pressure spikes due to tension and stress. However, this study took a bunch of stressed out stockbrokers and gave half of them dogs and cats, while leaving others without pets. Those given pets for the course of the study exhibited significantly more stable blood pressure than those without. What’s more, when the control group learned of the study’s findings, many of them got a loving pet to help them manage their stress.

Lower risk of allergies. “Exposure to dogs in infancy, especially around the time of birth, can actually influence children’s immune development and reduce the likelihood of certain allergic diseases,” according to research from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. This study discovered children who had a dog at home as newborns were much less likely to have a variety of allergy symptoms. Children who got a dog sometime after birth did not seem to have the same health benefits.

This are some of the benefits that a pet can do for you, and there are many more. But you need to remember that the value of pets are the same like humans. They aren’t only a simple dog or cat, they are like a little friend that just want to help you to do the best that you can. Now I want to persuade you to adopt a pet if you needed. They are the reason of our happy moments, and remember that they are going to love you no matter what. Now you have the decision in your hands, try to do something good with your little friend if you have one, or even adopt one. I’m very sure that it will be the best decision in your life.

Please take a minute and watch this video, this can change your mind.




In my life exist a real friend named Orion, he is a little Shih Tzu that was born on October 14th. He brings happiness to my life, and I’m so thankful because I never expected an animal to change the way of how I look into my life. He is my best friend I can talk with him, although I think he doesn’t understand; however, I feel good when I’m next to him. Now he is almost 7 months old. He loves people too much and other animals, he is very friendly. He likes to go outside and start running in circles. When I’m with him, he start barking me because he wants me to start throwing the ball away and then he goes to pick it up. A few weeks ago he was so sick because he has allergic to pollen, this is the worst season for him and now I know it. He got irritation in his eyes, and then he scratches them. The situation was getting worse, but for those moments we didn’t know what was happening. I was so sad for him, he is very important in my life, and I don’t want that something bad happens to him. He let his good vibes away, he wouldn’t let anybody be next to him, he was alone all the time, and that hurt me. Every time when I saw him alone I cried. Then, the next day I took him to the vet and we explained the situation. After some exams the doctor told me that it was only allergies and he gave us a medicine that he needed to be fine. I was happy again because he was happy too. Now his attitude is the best. I love him so much, and I should do the necessary to have a healthy and happy friend next to me all the time.  I hope you can understand that a pet is the best gift that God gave us to be happy.

In the USA and around the world exist many shelters that help animals that are abandoned by their owners. They try to save lives because they know that is the right thing to do. They don’t wait for any award, they just love to do it. In Mountain View high school we do all the necessary things to convince students to be part of the shelters that prevent the violence in pets such as, the Fairfax County Animal Shelter. They want to protect the lives of the animals and start doing little things that can convince other to do the same.