Philippines start clean-up after typhoon



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Typhoon Hagupit was downgraded as of December 8,2014 to a tropical storm as it swept out of the Philippines where it killed at least 42 people and wreaked havoc in several parts of the islands because it wasn’t as big as typhoon Haiyan which happened last year. About 1.7 million people evacuated from their homes were preparing to return on Tuesday after the storm passed over the far western islands of the Southeast Asian country and approached the South China Sea. Next to that the destruction was a far cry from the lethal impact of super typhoon Haiyan last year where thousands were killed or went missing, and over a million homes were wrecked. Most of the people killed by the storm were on the far eastern island of Samar, where Hagupit, the Filipino word for ‘lash’, touched land as a typhoon on the weekend.

The United States offered their help to the Philippines currently suffering from Typhoon Hagupit. According to a Philippine military officials, other foreign countries already offered assistance in relief operations as the typhoon first landed in the East Visayan region.The U.S. is one of the first countries to offer Philippines help for the typhoon. The country donated more than $37 million worth of food and relief goods to those who were affected by the typhoon.The U.S. military assisted in relief goods and rescue operations using their ships and aircrafts. U.S. personnel also helped in the rehabilitation of the key air and sea ports in Tacloban to ease the delivery of supplies and relief goods in the province. It is a relief for my family that the U.S. is taking action right away because this is the region of the Philippine where my family is from.