Phoenix Police Shooting Ignites Protestors

Phoenix Police Shooting Ignites Protestors


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In Phoenix on Tuesday evening, a white police officer who was feeling threatened used lethal force on an unarmed black man. The officer thought the man was reaching for a gun but it turns out he was pulling out pills. About 200 protesters, including civil rights activists and community members, gathered at Civic Space Park Thursday night and marched to police headquarters.Demonstrators demanded that the police release the name and background of the officer who shot Brisbon. The officer has only been identified as a 30-year-old officer who is a seven-year veteran of the department.

In the U.S Constitution the right to protest is a long-standing protection. This right is contained both in the freedom of speech and in the freedom to assemble. Based upon the facts of this case the facts surrounding Rumain Brisbon’s death relates to the racially charged police incidents in Ferguson. Even to this day riots are happening in Ferguson.The government can only make the situation more safer if it gets violent because they cant take away peoples right to protest.

In order to prevent an uproar I think the cop responsible for the shooting should face consequences worse than just being fired. The reason people are heated is because the cops seem to get the upper hand in cases like this. Relating to Ferguson riots and protests have been getting to the point where people are burning down stores. This case just shows that in our society today our law enforcement is high in racial profiling.