photobomb killing

photobomb killing


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A woman was killed after photo bombing. Photo bombing is when someone is taking a picture and basically you ruin their picture by doing a funny face or putting your hand in front of someones face or simply walking in front of it. Pham was beaten in front of everyone after walking through a photo. Two of her friends were there and they didn’t do anything to stop it.  Now they are both in custody but they are still not talking about that night. This should make people think.  What kind of society do we have when a simple mistake and selfish emotional reaction can kill someone?   We are  all taking social media too seriously.

Today’s society is teaching our younger generation that getting the most “likes” in a photo makes you beautiful. Our lives now are run by all types of social media which are destroying relationships.  Things would be so much different if we actually hung out with friends for the sake of being with people and not being seen on a screen.

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