Police are one of THE BEST people out there!!

Police are one of THE BEST people out there!!


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untitledThe police are great people, I know so many teens are so mean to police officers. I don’t understand, well I do but they are only mean to these teens because the teens are freaking out and cussing at them and yelling. Yeah that’s the teens fault they most likely got pulled over or caught for marijuana, pain killers, speeding, and other things. The teens are always yelling at the police before they even ask or talk to you.

Do you know what police do for us for our country? Police sign up to save people’s lives, and get bad criminals. They put their LIVES on the line for us. So why be jerks to police when it was your wrong for what you were doing.

They’re just doing their job.  Remember respect these great people who also protect us. Yeah and follow the law regarding driving and drugs. When you see a police officer give him a smile, not a dirty look. Even at school give the school officer a smile.  Ask him how his day is going. They’re there to help us not hurt us.

This is a website explaining about why and how some teens are stupid and whats going on with teens these days. It’s also about how people are going up to random people and punching them in the face to see how hard the can knock them out. Why the heck would teens do that? It’s just stupid.  People need to grow up. Our country is going crazy.