Police: Lost hunter survives 6 days without water by eating ants



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A 62 years old Reginald Foggerdy, went missing for six days after taking a hunting trip to Great Victoria Desert in Western Australia. The temperature of the Western Austria are usually at 90 degrees Fahrenheit. After a search in land and air, rescues found him very dehydrated. When he first was found , he received first aid treatment. . He was found alive laying under a tree. Reginald survived for few days by eating black ants. He was lucky to survive ants due to the fact that ants contain sources of nutrients.

The search of this man probably cost a lot of  tax money to the government which  it still shows  equal values of the people. Many  people articulate the government doesn’t help or support them in any way. Regardless, people are not noticing because the government does help people in countless ways. For example, rescues acted quickly to search for Reginald. Finding him alive shows that rescues did a lot of work. It also shows these people care to save others lives. I was amazed when authorities utilize these strategies to find this man. After two days of his being lost authorities started to search for which it took four days to find him. They set camps in the desert. He this man was very brave for surviving six day.






A hunter survived six days without water in a huge Australian desert by eating black ants, police said.