Police Officer Shot in the Head

Police Officer Shot in the Head


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New York police Officer Randolph Holder age 33 died after he was shot in the head last Tuesday night while chasing a robbery suspect. He had joined the department in 2010. The suspect had called and said he was at gunpoint because someone wanted to take his bike. There was an exchange of gunfire between the suspect and two other officers when one of the bullets hit Holder in the head. He was shot while responding to a reported robbery in East Harlem, NYC.  He passed away a few hours later in the hospital.

Holder is the fourth police officer passing away this year.  Its sad to know people shoot officers, when they are only trying to help you out. The suspect was caught four blocks away from where the shooting happened, he was taken into custody. The suspect had gun shot wounds in his leg and is now at the hospital.  The job of police officer in America is very challenging and risky.

Officer Holder’s family is devastated with the new they got, his mother said:

“We are fighting to understand the loss of a man who did so much, cared so much, dedicated so much to protecting others”


This is a video of the reporter talking about the shooting that happened: