Police shoot unarmed man in New York

Police shoot unarmed man in New York


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On Thursday night Rafael Laureano, unarmed man was shot dead by police for trying to help a woman and her two children who were being threatened by a guy holding a knife. According to a police report, the trouble began at about 7 p.m. Monday when Francisco Carvajal showed up at the Brooklyn apartment. He left after Russo, his ex-girlfriend, wouldn’t let him in. Police said she then called Laureano for help. Laureano was in the apartment when Carvajal returned armed with a knife and pushed forced his way inside. When police arrived at the residence they opened fire and ended killing both Laureano and Carvajal.

The second amendment states we have the right to a firearm,but people take advantage of this law and for that innocent people are affected.The police could of controlled the situation without taking lives. Laureano who was trying to help the woman lost his life unexpectedly and its because of our messed up gun laws. I know the police were trying to restore peace but taking an innocent person’s life isnt something that can slide through the system.Just because they are the higher authority doesnt mean we should give them the benefit of the doubt.

A solution to this problem with guns is we need to revise and pay more attention to the gun laws in each state. Even if a person was an authority of the law he would need a full background check. I dont think we pay attention to the people actually protecting us because some of them could be worse than the people they lock up.We need better gun control to prevent this issue from happening in the future.