Police shot Ohio man carrying air rifle in Walmart

Police shot Ohio man carrying air rifle in Walmart


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John Crawford III, a Cincinnati resident was killed by police at a Walmart in Ohio for carrying an air rifle in the store. He didn’t comply to drop his weapon, so the Ohio police officers shot him twice and he died while going into the ER. Ohio Attorney General, Mike DeWine, stated that the U.S Justice System would review the shooting of John Crawford III. Attorney Michael Wright, defendant of the Crawford family, saw the video and confirmed the shooting was unlawful. Mr. Crawford was just having a normal day at Walmart like many citizens in the U.S, and he was shot twice for not dropping an air gun. The Crawford family is disgusted and confused on why justice wasn’t done in the tragic death of their only son.

His family feels that the U.S Department of Justice should do a further investigation on the death of their son. A Grand Jury in Ohio decided not to punish the police officers in the shooting of 22 year old Ohio man carrying an air rifle at a Walmart store. The reason they made this decision is because after listening to the evidence, the jury said the officials were justified in the force they used that day. The family feels the U.S. Department of Justice should prosecute these officers for taking their son’s life for an illogical reason.

The government needs to put more emphasis on when to kill people that are threats and when not to. I think they need to do this so mistakes like this dont happen again, because taking someone’s life is a big deal. This man didn’t do anything wrong; he was shopping. The police officers unlawfully killed him because he had an air rifle in his hand that he was going to buy. When the people called the police officers, they said he was waving it at people, but when looking back at the video, there was no survelliance of him pointing it at people. I think with that evidence the police officers should  be thrown in jail for first-degree murder of killing a citizen.