Police ticketed car with dead body inside

Police ticketed car with dead body inside


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The police of Philadelphia ticketed a car multiple times last month  in the parking lot of the main train station of Philadelphia without noticing the dead body of Nadia Malik in one of the front sits. The car was first ticketed on February 10 a few blocks away from the train station. Then the car got towed to the parking lot of the train station on valentines day, because it was blocking snow removal. In the parking lot the car got ticketed multiple times.

Police said that the car side windows are heavily tinted and the front windshield was covered with snow. In addition, the passenger seat containing the body was completely reclined and the woman’s head was covered with a black bag, and her body showed no visible signs of trauma and was fully clothed.

Investigators want to question Malik’s boyfriend, with whom she has two young children.

Read more: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/feb/21/autopsy-slated-on-body-of-missing-se-pa-woman/#ixzz2uSRB6pg0

It’s not fair that the two young children have to grow up without a mom. I don’t understand how the police did not notice the body even after the car was towed.  It seems in this case that the police of Philadelphia were not doing their job right.  This story is also a reminder of how complicated a policeman’s job can be.  Do you think any of the ticketing officers should be held accountable for their lack of thoroughness?  If the parking area can be policed for the purposes of ticketing cars why cant it be policed more carefully in order to prevent real crime like murder?  We are reminded constantly that police can not do it all.  As  citizens we need to pay attention if we want a more secure community.