Pollo con Tajadas (” Fried chicken and Fried banana’s slides”)

Pollo con Tajadas ( Fried chicken and Fried bananas slides)


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        Pollo con Tajadas is a typical food from Honduras and you can make at home it is not easy, but you can do it. Begin by go to your local market get you can buy the products that you are going to need it for make this delicious bite. For instance, you have to buy 3 or 4 pounds of chicken depending for how many family members you are going to cook. Also, you need a head of cabbage, ketchup and mayonnaise to make the salad. Then, take the chicken and washing it with water. After you wash the chicken, you need to put some condiments like peer,consume,salt and then live like, for when you fry it get a delicious test. Next, peel the bananas and do slides with them;likewise, you put some salt on it. Then, put a frying pan with half oil in it, and you have to wait until it is very hot. Lastly, get the chicken into the oil until it is very fried, and after you finish with the chicken you can fried the banana’s slides. While you are waiting for the chicken and the slides get cook, you also can be making the salad by picking the cabbage. Also, make a sauce by putting half of ketchup and half of mayonnaise and  mixed together until those get orange. This sauce is the one that you are going to put on top of the chicken, salad and the bananas’s slides, for give an exquisite testes to your pollo con tajadas.