Possible Civil war in Ukraine


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As many of you all know. Ukraine has had some problems with it’s Government recently. The president is not doing anything that the people like. In short summary, the people don’t agree with the decisions the president has made and are protesting. The president gave orders to riot police open fire on the protesters and people have died and many are injured. The people of Ukraine have killed some riot police as a retaliation for the open fire the other day.  Protestors have become armed carrying stun grenades, rocks  molotov cocktails, rifles and pistols.

Today, around mid-morning in Kiev, the bodies of dead Ukrainians were piled up in two uneven crooked rows at the edge of Independence Square, There is a protest camp known as the Maidan, which currently resembles a war zone. Just the previous night, President Viktor Yanukovych had called a truce in the fighting with the protestors that had taken a large number of  lives earlier this week. Before the night was over, the death toll there had climbed at least by another 20  people. The Protestors attacked. The truce was off.

You can read more Read more: Ukraine Moves Closer to Civil War | TIME.com http://world.time.com/2014/02/20/ukraine-closer-to-civil-war/#ixzz2tz5jfKb2

I think that people are being treated very unfairly by their government. The people of Ukraine have every right to rebel against their government because they want their rights. In America we may disagree with our government but our government isn’t  harming us in any physical way such as violence. I feel like its chaos in other countries. Its absolutely ridiculous how countries are killing their own people rather than standing together and coming up with a compromise. Violence isn’t the answer.  How do we protect innocent citizens around the world?


by: wimoe & lobster