Power Diplomacy; USA and China

Power Diplomacy; USA and China


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Chinese news media on Tuesday carried a first reaction to a United States Navy ship’s step into the South China Sea. Tensions over the South China Sea grew on Tuesday after Beijing charged the United States of violating international law and overall military harassment by sending a navy destroyer into Chinese waters.

The incident reflects rising tensions between the United States and China over Beijing’s aggressive program of land creation by building islands using rocks and beach  sand within the chain islands of the South China Sea.  The
South China Sea coast reaches Vietnam, Taiwan and the Philippines.  This is a way for China to show its power and influence in the region and they do not appreciate the United States getting in the way.


Sovereignty means the independent power of any nation to control a territory or region.  This shows the power struggles that large countries have with each other and it points out the need for diplomacy between China and the United States.  Military power sometimes helps bring countries to resolve differences by talking about it.  This is why the President has a Department of State.