Pregnant Woman Stoned To Death By Family Members


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Police in Lahore, Pakistan say that a twenty five year old women was stoned and beaten to death by her own family members. She was beaten in front of a court house in Pakistan by a crowd of about twenty people. The crowd was leaded by her father, brothers, and cousins. She was in court defending her husband when her family filed charges against him for kidnapping her. She was beaten because by Pakistan law and tradition, the women are suppose to marry who her parents choose, in this case, was her cousin. She went against that and married the man she  truly loved and was three months pregnant for. One of her brothers tied a noose around her neck while her other brother smashed her skull with a brick. In Pakistan it is called a “honor killing”. The crime was preformed in broad day light but the law of Pakistan allows honor killings so it was overlooked. Her family members were livid that she would not marry who they arranged for her, so she had to die in the name of  “honor”, and one of the family members beating her to death, was him.

Under Pakistan law,  honor killings are legal because unarranged marriages are looked down on. Women in Pakistan do not have many, if any, rights. The family members were not arrested or charged with the crime because technically, it is not a crime.