Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best; What to do if ICE comes to your home.



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In the past month the immigrant community came to be more afraid about the possibility of being deported. President Donald Trump signed an executive order, ordering the immediate deportation of  all the immigrants with criminal records. Is the immigrant community prepared and get informed about what to do if agents of ICE come to their house.  As humans and immigrants we have our rights and we have to be prepared if something happens.  The important thing for everybody is to react without overreacting.

If someone comes to your door, you do not open the door. you have the right.

Ask what there are for, (and ask for an interpreter if you need one)

If they ask to enter, ask if they have a warrant signed by a judge and if so, ask to see  it (through a window or slipped under the door).

If they do NOT have a warrant signed by a judge, you can refuse to let them in. Ask them to leave any information at your door.

If you are arrested, remain silent and do NOT sing anything until you speak to a lawyer.

An ICE administrative warrant (form l-200,1-205) does not allow then to enter your home without your consent.

Also a lot of parents have signed legal documents that give other people the power to stay with their children if they get deported. The people are doing this to keep their kids safe if they have to return to their country so the kids don’t get part of the adaptation program and they came one day come back to their family. One of the most important things that we a community have to do is help us and stay all together so that we can be strong. The mistake that we make is to trust all we see and hear about media and news, a lot of people post fake things in media and this makes the immigrant community get scared and  they stop living their life the way they do.  We have to work together so we can make our voices  heard.  In some states like Virginia religious groups are providing hope as state governments challenge the President’s authority.

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