President Trump’s Questionable Fight On Immigration


Martin Sutovec / Slovakia

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This past week, President Trump asked Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen to step down, and there are many White House sources saying many other top-officials may follow. The Department of Homeland Security’s four most important immigration officials are its secretary, the director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the head of US Citizenship and Immigration Services, and the commissioner of Customs and Border Protection. Since Friday, President Donald Trump has forced out the first two, moved toward firing the third, and promoted the fourth. Trump has began firing his own people to be able to access his agenda and manage it himself.

The Washington Post wrote an article this week stating Trump has recently told Stephen Miller, his top immigration advisor, that he is now in charge of all immigration and border policy.  Trump said on Friday, “but we’re going in a tougher direction.” Trump did not say what that new approach will look like. All of this secret planning and abrupt hiring of top-officials is very suspicious as some would say. DHS is contemplating a policy called “binary choice,” which would force parents to choose between getting locked up together with their children indefinitely and being separated from their children, who would be released while the parents are placed in adult detention centers.

Just this week, Homeland security staff who are frustrated with the President’s lack of leadership and recent actions using their department as a political tool have decided to expose his incompetency by releasing e-mails to the press.  These e-mail exchanges show that the President was further going to politicize immigration by taking illegal immigrants at the border and “releasing them” on the streets of “sanctuary cities”.    Sanctuary cites tend to be democratically led.  These acts are outrageous because President Trump is becoming to act in unreasonable ways drifting himself further from his opposing party he has to work with.  In the case of any rights; human rights or civil rights there always needs to be a balance of responsible action and the President has shown reckless action instead.

Source Used: The Washington Post