President Tweets!



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On May 18, president Barrack Obama finally opened an account on twitter for himself, and yes it is really him. His followers have sky rocketed up to 200,000 which is pretty impressive.

The verified account, which attracted more than 146,000 followers within 30 minutes of posting the first tweet, carries the bio “Dad, husband, and 44th President of the United States.”

I think that’s pretty cool that our president can finally communicate with us through twitter. It’s a way of him letting us know how he is or what’s there to know or what’s going on. It is also a way for us to reach out to him and let him know of our critical issues in the US. We can now contact him through twitter allowing him to know what should be done in this world today. It’s a way we can express ourselves to him so that we may remind him of a cause that may be going on or possibly give him ideas on what he should do or what we could do to help.

The only problem with this I see is that many may criticize him just for having an account with twitter. No matter what the president does, there shall always be one to say something against his actions. The good news is that he can now reach out to more to the young because of the high amount of popularity twitter obtains with young ones. He could advise them to stay out of trouble or give out his advice. I’m glad to see that our president is trying in any new form of way to communicate with the public.