Presidential Campaign Propaganda: Which Strategies are most Effective?

Presidential Campaign Propaganda: Which Strategies are most Effective?


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Propaganda is all around us.  Have we become immune to its effects?

Have we always had nasty politics in America? 

Do we have a major moral issue today that is not being addressed?


What is the strategy of propaganda being used in this Eisenhower TV ad?



Do you see any differences between Kennedy and Nixon?  What are the issues? Do we have these issues today? This is the first televised Presidential debate.  

Compare the first TV debate with the most recent shown in the link below.


The Town Hall Presidential Debate of 2016

FACT CHECK on the 2nd televised debate between Clinton and Trump.

What stands out to you from watching a portion of this debate?

How does Ronald Reagan respond to Jimmy Carter?  What strategy is Carter using?  

What does Reagan mean by “there you go again”?


Its Morning Again in America 1984

What is a “glittering generality”?  What other strategies are being used here?


Was this an informative ad for Ronald Reagan?  


George Bush vs. Michael Dukakis :  What is required of the President as Commander and Chief?



Tank Ride 1988

Was this attack ad on Michael Dukakis informative?  What was the major issue?


The “third party” candidate Ross Perot 1992

What is Ross Perot doing in this debate?  Is he effective? How does he show the role of third party candidates?  Who are the “third party” candidates for the election of 2016?



Clinton’s Journey

What strategy does Bill Clinton use here?  Is it effective?  Informative?