Problems With Gangs In Guatemala


Doctors running in the Hospital

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Another tragedy related to gangs has caused that mourning seven families in Guatemala as members of the Mara 18 were trying to rescue one of their members. It happened on August 16 2017 while the gang member was in the hospital.

The terrifying act was caused by a teenager who wanted to rescue the big boss of this Mara.  The teenager entered the hospital killing anyone in front of him. He killed innocent people such as police, patients; however, Guatemalan citizens were so angry and sad because one of his victims was a five month old baby. Furthermore, the teenager said that his friends paid him $ 20 to rescue the gang.

Two months ago the same hospital was closed because doctors did not want to attend Mara’s member. They received threats from Maras if they did not open the hospital mara’s member would destroy the hospital. Unfortunately Hospital Roosevelt is the unique Hospital in which people who do not have enough money can go .

Almost one month after of this massacre happened. Citizens was outside of the National Palace with big banners asking to the president to leave his position because they think Guatemala needs someone who helps the country to be better and not a country in which people feel afraid to live.

Situations like this are the problems why teenagers come to the United States to have a better life. Also, another problem facing Guatemala is the economy teenagers between 16 and 17  are unemployment. Hence, it is the cause why teenagers have to kill innocent people to get money.

Guatemalan Citizens are worried how our clown president could resolve these problems that each day leave more than one family crying the loss of loved one.

Guatemala is a small country with these big problems that needs help from all levels of governments.—la-tragedia-que-enluto-a-siete-familias