Procedural Mistakes Lead to Injustice



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Beltran Coronel, the nephew of one of the Sinaloa cartel’s leader who passed away was reticently acquitted along with four other accomplices. This release of high ranked criminals is a major set back for Mexican authorities, who took a lost for not following the arrest procedures the correct way. Beltran coronel was accused for taking over his dead uncle’s business, and organized crime, the other witnesses were charged with money laundering charges. The soldiers who detained the five suspects had found nine guns, six cars, and 400,00o thousand dollars in cash, clear evidence it was drug related money, but the lawyer in their defense claimed that the narcotics squad went in the house without a warrant, and the protected witnesses failed to identify the suspects shown in a photo album, a rare form of identification when they usually line up the suspects in line but this time they unfortunately did things the wrong way.


This article was such bad news when I read it, this only motivates the younger public into getting involved with drug related business when they see crooks at this level get away with crimes such as, organized  crimes, money laundering, and drug trafficking. Its also a slap on the face for Mexican authorities who are constantly battling organized groups such as the sinaloa cartel.