Process of Making Pupusas

Process of Making Pupusas


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NYC - Brooklyn - Red Hook: Red Hook Food Vendo...One of the greatest traditional foods in El Salvador would be pupusas. Pupusas are very delicious especially if they are big and with a lot of meat and cheese inside. It’s really simple making them.

The 1st step is easy.  Make the masa (flour) and mix it with water until its thick.

The 2nd step is to roll the masa up until it’s a circle and then you can add the chicharon (meat) and cheese. Afterwards you roll everything up and put a little bit of oil, so  the pupusa doesn’t get stuck on the pan.

The 3rd step, when it’s on the pan, is to keep checking on it so it doesn’t get burned.

Next just enjoy the pupusa with tomato sauce.

There are many kinds of pupusas you can make.  For example: cheese, beans and cheese, chicken and cheese, and many more.

The most popular one would be pupusas revueltas which includes meat and cheese. People eat pupusas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.