Propaganda-Rap That Rises Above

Propaganda-Rap That Rises Above


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Musical poetry that sets itself apart from every soul connecting SOUND known to mankind. Gospel music.

A drone that can’t think on it’s own- SO PRONE TO CONFORM -You.



RISE ABOVE. Eliminate the negative and accentuate the POSITIVE. Be unique. Be all that you can be and more.

In Modern music- The introduction to a lyrical intimacy that humanity so desperately craves. A life sustaining deepness that RISES ABOVE those sensually DEPRAVED. A hidden truth in the counterfeit, photocopied world of conformity– (G.O.S.P.E.L)G – GOD | O – OUR | S – SINS | P – PAYING | E — EVERYONE | L — LIFE

S     I      N Leads to~~~~~~~~~> death

To the soul, body, your inner most being, and to the beauty you were created to sustain.Now, now don’t be fooled. No one is perfect. A L L human beings sin, but it is how and when you decide to RISE ABOVE and change the course of what society has defined as “The End”. The End is a metaphorical definition to how the WORLD decides it’s plan for your future, your personality, your very existence.

Let me tell you guys this: “The end” is just the beginning. The beginning to something revolutionary!

  • That beginning is Jesus Christ. God sent His only son in the form of a man to change “The End” into something really beautiful. A sacrifice so unique- The crucifixion of love ITSELF You have a life changing and radical choice. –To accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior. To accept love and turn from the very reason we HATE—>Sin.

An opportunity and the PRIVILEGE to lead a life of divine eloquence.

A chance to STAND APART from your peers and from humanity in general.

Be the salt and the light to this pruned, corrupted, fallen world.

Reeducate yourself in the knowledge of our first and TRUE LOVE. In a society that LEACHES and deprives us from the knowledge of God- RISE ABOVE.

 But I, I, don’t learn to speak immigrant

The language of the broken like the system in their English

I speak with Heaven’s accent, ANGELIC dialect

Repping my coast as if that spirit realm had oceans

It’s the full story of life crushed into four minutes
The entirety of humanity in the palm of your hand crushed into one sentence
Listen its intense right
The greatest story ever told that’s hardly ever told…GOD
Yes, GOD
The maker and giver of life and by life I mean any and all matter and substance
Seen and unseen, what can and can’t be touched
Thoughts, Image, Emotions
Love, Atoms and Oceans
All of it is handiwork, one of which is master piece made so uniquely that angels looked curiously
The one thing in creation that was made with His imagery the concept so cold, it’s the reason I stay bold.
How God breathed in the man and he became a living soul
Formed with the intent of being infinitely, intimately, fond
Creator and creation held in eternal bond
And it was placed in perfect paradise ’til something went wrong
The species got deceived and started lusting for His job
An odd list of complaints as if the system ain’t working
and use that same breath He graciously gave us to curse Him
and that sin seed spread through our souls genome
and by nature, your nature, your species you participated in a mutiny
Our, yes our sins
It’s nature inherited, black in the human heart it was over before it started
Deceived from day one and led away by our own lust
There’s not a religion in this whole world that doesn’t agree there’s something wrong with us
The question is, What is it?
How do we fix it?
Are we eternally separated from a God that may or may not have existed
But that’s another subject
Let’s keep grindin’ besides tryin’ to prove God is like defending a lion, homey
It don’t need your help
Just unlock the cage
Let’s move on, on how our debt can be paid
Short and sweet…
The problem is sin
Yes, sin
It’s a cancer, an asthma choking out our life force, forcing separation
From a perfect and Holy God and the only way to get back is to get back to perfection, but silly us
Trying to pass the course of life without referring to a syllabus
This is us
Keep up the good deeds
Chant, pray, meditate
But all of that of course is like spraying cologne on a corpse
Or you can choose to ignore it as if something don’t stink
It’s like stepping in dog poop and refusing to wipe your shoe, but all that ends with
How good is good enough
Take your silly list of good deeds and line them up against perfection, good luck
That’s life past your pay grade
The cost of your soul, you ain’t got a big enough piggy bank
But you can give it a shot
But I suggest you throw away that list
Because even your good acts are an extension of your selfishness
But here’s where it gets interesting
I hope you’re closely listening, please don’t get it twisted
It’s what makes our faith unique
Here’s what God says that’s part A of the Gospel
You can’t fix yourself, quit tryin’ it’s impossible
Sin brings death
Give God His breath back, you owe Him
Eternally separated and the only way to fix it, is someone dying in your place and that someone’s got to be perfect or the payment ain’t permanent
So, if and when you find a perfect person, get him or her to willingly trade their perfection for your sin and death in.
Clearly since the only one that can meet God’s criteria is God, God sent himself as Jesus to pay the cost for us
His righteousness, His death functions as payment
Yes, payment
Wrote a check with His life but at His resurrection we all cheered because that means the check cleared
Pierced feet, pierced hands, blood stained son of man
Fullness, forgiveness, free passage into the promised land
That same breath that God breathed into us, God gave up to redeem us
And anyone and everyone, and by everyone I mean everyone who puts their faith and trust in Him and Him alone can stand in full confidence of God’s forgiveness
And here is what the promise is
That you are guaranteed full access to return to perfect unity
By simply believing in Christ and Christ alone
You are receiving life
This is the gospel