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There are 13,265,900 prostitutes worldwide. Prostitution has been an ongoing issue for years, not only in America, but all over the world. In most countries prostitution is illegal, but in some, it is legal and well established. Prostitution is one of the oldest professions in the book and dates back to 2,400 B.C.

There are different types prostitution. There are street prostitution and escort services. Most women join prostitution because of their drug addiction and some are forced into it by their provider, known as pimps. As far as young teen prostitutes, they enter this lifestyle as an escape and are trapped into a life they do not want to continue living (“Sex Trade”) (“100 Countries”).

The youngest prostitutes enter the street life early in their teens trying to escape a painful childhood. They want to leave the abuse at home and gain their own independence away from their abuser. They look for someone to lean on, which are pimps. Pimps seek young women who need support for things such as food, shelter, and money. Pimps play a “boyfriend” role in the young woman’s life giving her stability and safety. Older women who are in the prostitution business mainly do it because of a drug addiction. They’re in a desperate spot for money for drugs. Though pimps play a role as a boyfriend, they are most times very controlling and manipulative. After feeding and sheltering the young woman, she begins to feel a sense of trust and affection from him. He then puts her into the business but does not let her have complete power over her money; because they know once the prostitute has made enough money, she will try to leave him for a better life. To prevent that from happening pimps give the female an allowance only enough to pay for necessities and their drugs. This is a continuous struggle for females desperate to leave this “prostitution” lifestyle.

Prostitution is illegal throughout America, with the exemptions of 11 counties in Nevada. As the only place in America where prostitution is legal, they are required to be registered as prostitutes and receive regular health checks.

In other countries such as the Netherlands and Germany it is legal and regulated. France, Spain, Italy, and Poland, as well as in Great Britain, prostitution itself is legal, but operating brothels or soliciting sex on the street is not. In Iran being convicted for prostitution could earn prostitute the death sentence.

Statistics have proven that the STD/HIV spread through prostitution is very low in the United States because females are very strict on contraception usage. In other countries, such as South America, men are reluctant to wear condoms and will pay prostitutes more to have sex without one. That causes a viral spread of STD’s and HIV through women and men in this lifestyle. This is also true in South Asia and Africa. They have more incidents of HIV/STD cases than other countries (“100 Countries) (“Sex Trade”).

Though it is immoral to solicit sex for money on the streets, there are other forms of prostitution, for example, escort services. Unlike street prostitutes who usually advertise at the street corner, escorts are more private. Escort services are usually operated by appointments over the phone or via e-mail. Most escort agencies provide housing for the women to “do business” but in some cases the agency will pay for a hotel room for the client and escort or the female will go to the clients’ residence. In most cases escort services are safer than street prostitution and escorts have control over their money, unlike street prostitutes.

Though escort services seem better than street prostitution, some countries hold women against their will in the escort service and they get beaten if they refuse to service. These escorts usually have no control over their money and describe their job a lot like slavery.

Prostitution is an ongoing issue throughout the world. Many say that it is a freedom to have but many women beg for a different life. They have been trapped in a lifestyle they do not want to be a part of. With the risks of being raped, beaten, robbed, or infected women do it to support their drug addiction or the very little income it provides. Though many say it is a choice, many prostitutes would describe their services as slavery because they are being controlled and paid off for some time or service. Their dignity and pride is gone every time they lay their head and allow someone to pay for their body.