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Prostitution: The practice or occupation of engaging in sexual activity with someone for payment.

Prostitution is considered a serious world wide issue in most of the countries around the world. Also, the number of prostitution is increasing fast each year and seems to be more serious than the past centuries. I feel like prostitution comes from how the women or men have been raised, Many have been sexually assaulted or raped. Prostitution can also come from addiction and can lead to death.

This article explains to us that two women face prostitution and drug charges after they were arrested Thursday night. Police officers also found crack pipes with drug residue on them in the women’s possession.

Those who want out should always be granted the opportunity to leave. Addiction treatment center helps young and older adults to a better lifestyle. It focuses on recovery from injury and adversity. Prostitution can result in a very volatile way of life for many people. Some circumstances can even lead to mortal danger. But here’s a solution just by clicking on the link below and you or anyone in danger. people who have little to no respect for prostitutes and may severely mistreat them need to know prostitution aren’t “bad” people, they just need help to get through their addictions, past nightmares. the sex industry can cause or enhance mental illness, substance abuse, addiction and disease. Counselors and rehabilitation professionals may be necessary to help the recovering prostitute regain their sense of self.

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