PTSD Veterans use baking to overcome symptoms



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Located in Georgetown in Washington, D.C., is The Dog Tag bakery. However ,this is no ordinary bakery. The establishment was created under a fellowship for disabled veterans to learn more than just how to bake. Disabled veterans, their spouses, and their caregivers can participate in this fellowship that will help them as they transition from the military to the civilian workforce.

They learn, or in some cases relearn workforce values based on 3 main areas; education, business roles, and transition skills. In education, they partner with Georgetown University to deliver a certificate in business administration. They learn business skills such as management, human resources, marketing, public relations, product development and customer service. The third prong, transition skills, aids them in resume preparation, interview skills, group dynamics, resolving conflict in the workplace and networking.

This is a great program for veterans who have trouble transitioning from their military duties to everyday, common workforce duties as they struggle with post-war disabilities.