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Pupusas pro


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Amazing but don’t change the way we make pupusas. Pupusas are for pros and to become a pro, u have to perfect your way to make them. To make pupusas you need to be able to bring taste, texture, and the right heat into one. If a pupusa is not cocking to the right temperature, you might get your stomach upset. If the flavors don’t meet the right taste, you had not yet learn to make the ingredients.

The story below helped me realize that many people can learn how to make pupusas the right way.



Ex: Beans go to a process of cooking that many; even Salvadorians don’t know this t but I’m here to express the greatest way to give pupusas that the pro pupuseras from where rise pupusas were invented at a town called Olocuilta right by the Areropuerto of El Salvador(SAL).

How to give flavor to pupusas? Cooked the beans right?

The right way and what a pro pupusera should acknowledge is that beans need to be cooked twice.

  • Wash your beans, bring to boil, mixed with red onions and 3 garlic cloves until soft.
  • Using olive oil, fry onion fajitas and diced garlic until dark.
  • Blend cooked beans and the fried mixture until fine.

Fry beans for 7mins and cool them until hard (use the fridge if needed) otherwise if the beans are to warm and liquid or u might break your tortilla.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The reason why I said don’t change the way or say how a pupusa gets done is because a pupusa is not a quesadilla.


The steps of making a pupusa:

  1. Use a deep bowl to get the masa(corn flour mix) ready, add cold water, if warm water is used your mix will be too sticky
  2. After the masa is right, you will grab a four fingers scoop and round it.
  3. Flatted with both hands until flat not thick neither thin.
  4. Add your choice of ingredients right in the middle
  5. Fold your flat tortilla and cover all the goods and add oil to the surface (The oil will help it to keep the tortilla close and not break when begin flatted.

This is the best way to make pupusas like in your homeland and not get disappointed .