Random School Shooting

Random School Shooting


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Jaylen Frygerb a well known high school student opened fired at his school killing one victim on the scene Zao Galasso, and leaving four others in serious conditions after the shooting took place, and finally ending his own life. Investigators are trying figure out the motive of the shooting since no bullying was implied, or no signs of mental issues were shown by the freshman student Jaylen Frygerb. Gia Soriano one of the other victims died Sunday night due to serious head injuries, the second victim who passed away from this terrifying incident. The remaining victims that are in critical condition are Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, Andrew Fryberg, and Nate Hatch. Two of the shooter’s victims were in fact his cousins so no mercy was shown by  Jaylen ,proven by his actions by trying to kill his own blood and friends. More information was  revealed when authorities browsed through Jaylen’s twitter account raveling a darker side to Jaylen’s life style. The only cause for the shooting authorities believe is jealousy,one of the victims Zao Galasso picked Andrew Fryberg  Jaylen’s cousin over him and this was the motive for the shooting.


This is devastating news two teens died at a very young age with out an option.Their life’s were just taken at hands of someone else because they had the power to do so but not the authority to make that decision, its only god’s authority to decide who lives and dies. Many people will argue about the gun control in America, since school shootings its becoming a trend by mentality7 disturbed human beings, but keep in mind Jaylen wasn’t even able to purchase a gun himself so he used his dad’s hand gun. Who do you blame now? the gun control system ? or parents for lack of security over their fire arms? I believe this case could’ve been avoided by some treatment or someone close to Jaylen, because he oviously felt alone or disloved by his friends and family to comit a crime like this .