Reaching Enlistment in the Military

Reaching Enlistment in the Military


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On April 28th, 2014 I enlisted into the National Guard. My MOS will start as a Human Resource Specialist but as the years go on I will eventually become an Officer meaning I will give orders. In order to get to that step, I will do ROTC in college while serving for my country. That sounds exciting but it is not easy getting to that point.

 Let me take you through MEPS (Military Processing Station). When you arrive at the door of the Military Processing Station you receive loud orders to take everything out of your pockets and jackets so you can be searched. At that point I knew life had just begun for me.  This is what I wanted to do. I’m not trying to scare you although this may sound scary but just remember the outcome is good.


1:30am – Woke up ate breakfast, got ready to leave.

3:00am-  My recruiter picks me up

3:00am-5:00am – we drive to Petersburg Va (2 hours away)

Arrive at MEPS around 5:30am


national guard

English: A physician from the United States Ar...
English: A physician from the United States Army administers a medical examination on a World War I soldier. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I took the asvab test and got my physical examination done in one day. That sounds so simple but it wasn’t. First off, the test took me 3 hours to take it, not to mention it was the hardest test ever. I finished the test and they sent me to the Medical Examination area. Let me tell you, those people were rude and mean the entire time. I was in the medical examination office for 3 hours. To be enlisted you have to pass a drug test, have good vision and hearing, have blood work done, and last but not least meet a weight requirement.

That all sounds so simple right? It does sound simple but let me tell you it is not simple these people will come up with anything to disqualify you for enlistment. After the examination you can take a deep breath because its all coming to an end. Once you are through the physical examination part you are good. The wait takes awhile and that was one of toughest things for me because I was so anxious and happy for enlistment.  After sitting there from 11:30 to 3:30, when I finally got called in to speak with my recruiter and the Sergeant to pick my ship out date and my MOS, I was really happy.  I am finally a part of the US Military and on my way to becoming a Solider.  It is amazing to think of the history of this process and the number of US soldiers who have volunteered their service.

Just remember when you really want something in life, you have to work hard and go get it. The process was really long but look how far I came by patiently waiting. If you are interested in the Military maybe not now, but later in your life just remember this process may not be the best but you will love the outcome. I was there from 6am to 430pm but it was all worth it and I couldn’t be any happier.