Read for Truth – Don’t Burn Yourself


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 Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

We all know about firemen who save us from fires, but what about firemen who burn our books? There is a book talking about the future and if in the twenty-fourth century books are illegal and have to be burned. The book Fahrenheit 451 explains how firemen in the city were seen as a flamethrower. In the future it will be illegal for people to learn and know more, it will be illegal to be more smarter than your leader, and it will be illegal, of course, to ask yourself questions that can lead you to the truth. Censorship is everywhere in the current time, but do you think it’s same as it will be in the twenty-fourth century? I doubt it, and when I read this book, I am now sure. Fahrenheit 451 is overall talking about the censorship. They get a notice that someone has a book in his/her house, and they respond immediately to burn their possessions inside. The opening line of Bradbury’s novel is, “It was a pleasure to burn.”  Basically, they honor people who burn books. Censorship is the word that can make anything illegal, but in this book, censorship is all about how books can be very dangerous.
Bradbury himself, in the book and the video below that I’ve shared with you,  said how dangerous life can be if people did not read books, or are forced to not read. It’s the exact meaning of “ignorant.” His whole point was just straight forward to encourage people on reading books, and he is trying his best to prove that if we do not read books, we will be considered ignorant. Therefore, I really encourage everyone to start by reading books, learn more, and know what you’re missing in the world. Start with Fahrenheit 451.