Reasons and Examples Why Many Choose The Wrong Way

Reasons and Examples Why Many Choose The Wrong Way


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In many countries that have gangs people who join are poor and young.  In Central American countries many innocents die because of gang violence. Many people say that they hate the people who are involved with gangs but  they need to understand the real problem. Not many people are informed why gang members chose to do the wrong thing.

Have you once thought about why many of the 12 or 13 years old boys decide to go to gangs? Many kids in this age decide to go to gangs because of two main reasons. First, many parents give their children what they want but they never give what they really wanted; that is love. Many parents think that just because they give everything to their child they that they will be happy but they never think that they are making a mistake with their owns children. So when these kids do not have the love that they want to feel they decide to go to gangs so that way they can get their parents’ attention.

Another reason is because  of the economy and because they do not have enough education. Many of the teenagers don’t have the privileges to have education. Let’s talk about El Salvador.  There are many people who don’t have enough education and when they go to ask for a job they said they must have at least high school finished just to be a cashier. I don’t agree with this because there are jobs that doesn’t need that much education or to be a cashier or a cook helper you just need to know the job and nothing else. But how do we give respect? There is nothing that we can do when these teenagers see that the same people treat them like they are nobody because of the education that they couldn’t have when they were little.  They think they are finding respect in the gang.

Many people say that they are bad because of what they have done, but they don’t know why they did that. One thing that a gang leader said is that everyone who enters into the gangs have to think about it seriously because once you became a gang member you are not allowed to get out of it.  They are treated really bad and I’m not saying that they don’t deserve it, I’m just saying that they need to find a way to stop it and to keep safe the new generation to be better and to keep them from making mistakes that once are done they can’t be fixed.

Many families suffer because they lost their family members, but there is nothing that others can do because in the countries where gangs are many of the authorities are on their side because of the fear that they can be killed if they do not follow the rules that these gang members apply to them. Yes, they do have rules. They have bad and good rules. Some of their rules are: If one of them doesn’t have nothing, none of them have nothing. If some of them have something is because all of them have something. If someone eats, they all eat. This members said that if you don’t bother them, they will not bother you. They also say that they will protect their people, but they can’t be in the opposite side this means not to be with their enemies.

I respect all people because we all are the same, it doesn’t matter if they are poor, do not have the same education, or if they have tattoos for me they are all equal and we all have the same rights.


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