Reasons why students are dropping out schools in Honduras.


Why students are quitting school?

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Education has now a hard time in trying to prepare students to get a better life and mainly this means a lot of trouble to all the nation.

What’s going on now?

More than 51,000 students are leaving classrooms and dropping out of schools of all levels, this this equivalent to a 40% of the student population (2.2 million students), specially elementary schools have the highest number with more than 30,000 children that dropped out of school.

What are the causes?

One of the reasons is the weak government that is right now, they can’t handle the situation and this causes more problems to the the secretary and the minister of education. Another reason is that many homes are disintegrated by economical issues as well migration of their parents as well many children. When parents leave their children with a familiar they don’t feel the motivation or pressure for going to school. Another reason is the problems with gangs specially when they are disputing territories, recruiting members that result in student and teachers deaths, resulting in a 25% of the students that drop out, stop going to school, leaving and migrating to another country.

What can we do to improve the situation?

Changing or strengthen the government to make it deal principally with the gang issue as well the economical issues, and make a better system of education, lower the costs of education resources, hire new teachers that can at least handle the situation with the students, improve the security in classrooms.