Recap of the past week

Dannia Contreras

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So, it’s been almost  a week since I last updated and it’s because we have been SUPER busy! I never knew so much could be done from 5 Am to 5 PM and that’s only half a day! Quick recap:

Monday: President’s day/ Day Off

Tuesday: Team Reveal Day!

They did a really cute Harry Potter themed team reveal where we got letters and had to go to our sorting hat locations. I am now part of Oak 1 with a team of 8 people! These are the same people who I will spend the next 9 months with on SPIKE and projects!

Wednesday & Thursday: Full of CTI meetings

Friday: DRIVING! We took road tests and learned how to use ground guides (non driving corp members/team members) to help us into tight spots! I passed BTW! Later on we had a movie night in the gym, so we watched Finding Dory and ate ice cream!

Saturday: Day off! I used this day to hang out with new people and to do laundry!

Sunday: Day off! My team decided to go grocery shopping in Cedar Rapids, so we also stopped by the mall!