Reflecting on resilience


My featured image is a way of saying there is greatness on the other side of that rainbow. 

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As the 2023 school year comes to an end, I’d like to look back and reflect on my life’s resilient journey. It’s never easy as a young black girl growing up, my mom was a single mother of 7 kids which she managed to do on her own; struggling or not. She made sure we were fed, hair done, clothes on our back and had a place to lay our head at night. Which is why I will always have the utmost respect when it comes to my mom. She helped me learn from my mistakes and never once thought to judge.

7th & 8th grade I started to lose myself, I genuinely felt lost; and I fell apart into a deep depression, on top of that I lost my brother, Harold in 2017. This one really hit home because we never would’ve thought it would be so soon or someone so close which made me realize you never know what you have until it’s gone. I knew his one wish from me was to make sure I graduated and went to college to excel, I knew he saw potential in me. 9th grade I still didn’t do much better as I was picking up bad habits by not coming to school, I let myself get too comfortable and fell even deeper into a hole. My grades were bad, on top of that my attendance too; I realized I hated school and it felt overwhelming because I had missed so much material I was behind.

Moving forward to 10th grade I knew I brought stress to my mom because I didn’t like school but I had to make an initiative. Which is what I did.. My grades weren’t the best and neither was my mental health but I needed to get out of school. We moved in between the year which switched my grade level because we were in a different county, it only made my motivation for school even less, I still managed though. From hiding in the bathroom during lunch, not socializing with others, just me. Saw my friends graduate without me and more. I eventually came to Mountain View after my sister, Jamilla recommended it’d be best for me and my pace, It was one of the best decisions I’ve made so far. I really got to understand what loyalty and love is from the staff; from the counselors, teachers, front office & administration. It is nothing but down to earth people. Although our school is very diverse, people here at Mountain View make you feel comfortable & welcomed. You are free to be yourself. Stay true to yourself & always stay humble. 2023-2024 is my graduation year which I look forward to and so far I say I regret nothing. I don’t wish to dwell on the past but rather manifest it in the present and hope for the best. I have big future plans thanks to Mountain View.

 See you next year :).