Refugee Justice



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Refugees and other migrants waited to board buses at Tovarnik railway station in Croatia after crossing from Serbia earlier this month. This tragic war in Syria has passed the limits. People are breaking  through the police lines trying to cross the countryside. This situation is getting out of control. Croatia has almost closed all borders. Croatia would allow the people to cross the country but would not allow them to stay in the country.

Refugees are desperate for basic safety and survival from this civil war. They are looking forward for help. It is difficult for refugees to find help from other countries. The majority of refugees are running away from their country without knowing  their destination. Its seems impossible for refugees to find help. Countries are worried about having too many refugees.  Instead the countries that surround Syria need police forces to stop refugees from crossing or migrate.

The best way to solve or clear this problem would be by every country agreeing to help refugees. If every country could cooperate by helping refugees it would reduce the loss of many people. This crisis has been ongoing for years and too many have looked the other way for too long.  It is now a problem that the international community can not avoid.  The Germans are helping the most because they have a history of holocaust and refugee crisis with the Jews. They want to justify themselves but all countries should be open to justice and mercy in this time of need.  The problem is fear.  The solution is justice.