Refugees in America


msr sergio

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U.S. will welcome more people   running away from wars at home

John Kerry is a secretary from the USA who wants to change the world by permitting more Syrians to come to America. The war in Syria is getting worse and they are emigrating to EuropeMore the 9 millions of Syrians have left their home.

Hillary Rodham Clinton said the U.S. “has to do more.” Clinton is now running for president. She was secretary of state before Kerry.

Clinton said letting in 10,000 Syrian refugees was “a good start.” She added that she hopes many more will be let in.

Kerry said there is only one way to fix the Syrian refugee problem. Syria’s war has to end. Before that can happen, Assad will have to stop being president, he said.

The democratic values of welcoming to refugees include liberty and the right of life of the people who can not stand in their land because of war.  So it is justified that Syrians come to America and have the right to live in the United States. Because the war in Syria, the USA should approve for each Syrian to come to  America to realize their life in a better place and with the protection of their human rights.

  America will become strong if they permit Syrians and other political refugees to come to America because they are wonderful people. Many of them are doctors, teachers, etc. They could help Americans to become a better and more beautiful place to live.  Americans have to give them the chance to come here. I can not imagine Americans in Syria’s situation; they need help. America does not lose anything helping refugees.  It will become an example for the world that America is not a liar;  America is a dream place of human rights where everyone wants to be.

By: BrasilNut1