Religions in the world

Religions in the world
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Why are religions important?

Religions are important because people believe in them still today and they are the languages to say what is good and what is bad.  To practice religion is to have motivation to act on what you believe and it is a way that groups of people see and understand the world together.

Religion, in all its forms, is the key to understanding our collective humanity and bridging the divide between people.  

What Is Religion And Do You Understand It?

video link on the 5 major religions:


If Religion is meant to help us find the good then why do people use the name of religion to do bad things?

In World History we learn that wars are started over religion.  The 30 years war was one of the longest and most destructive wars in human history as Christians were killing Christians in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648.   8 million people were killed!  The Europeans were also motivated to spread their religion to America but they killed natives and used religion for power and wealth.  The Germans blamed the Jews for their problems during the Nazi Holocaust.  Terrorists have killed thousands in the name of their God.  Religions are still fighting over cities such as Jerusalem.  Why? People use Religion for power, some people put their self first and then they put others, but in religion this is not the right way to put your self first. All religions have a message of finding meaning in personal suffering and helping others.

The best of religions brings us to peace, forgiveness, morality and good acts of service.  The best of religion helps us find meaning in suffering.

The 5 major World Religions with symbols or artwork:


Jewish   They believe in one God who make promise to his people.

This star is a symbol of (Magen David) is the flag of the state of Israel.


Christianity belief in God the Father,Jesus Christ as the Son of  god, and the Holy Spirit.

Christian Symbols

Latin Cross
This symbol represent when Jesus Christ was Crucified. Latin cross was made of two piece of wood crossed to create four right angles.


Islam  Muslim belief only in one God but Jesus is one prophet of that same God, Allah and the final prophet was Muhammad.

Muslim Symbols

Islam symbols, green color flag
This symbol represent the flag of Saudi Arabia, even before Mohammed first Revolution in 610 CE.


Hinduism is the older religion in India and they believe in many forms of God and spiritual reincarnation because when a person dies they can reborn again to live on earth.

Hinduism Symbol

This symbol is the most important in Hinduism. It made up of three Sanskrit letter namely A, U, and written as No. 3

Buddhism believes in reincarnation (rebirth) but it is a way of living called the eight fold path. Buddhism may believe in a God or gods but actions are more important than beliefs in order to find release from suffering.

Buddhism Symbol


This symbolize the Noble Eight fold path set out by the Buddha in his teachings.

One question I continue to ask but I think I am beginning to understand about religion; Why are there so many differences in the same religion such as Christianity?  Even Jews and Muslims and Buddhists have different ways of practicing the same religion. Why? 

Christianity and any religion of the world differs because of their culture, tradition or language. People use culture tradition and language to speak about what they believe to be true and meaningful and religions can get translated differently.

Some people turn to science for their answers and feel that religion is not necessary but some people believe both in science and religion while some religious people might think that their religion is the only way to know what is true.

Science has evidence but is not sure of everything. Religion is sure of everything, but it has no evidence”.

In the Bible this quote from the letter to the Hebrews speaks about faith and truth in the Christian religion.

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1


What does it mean to be Secular?

In modern society there is so much freedom and independence that many people see spirituality and religion as a private choice.  It refers to everything that is mundane, as opposed to the spiritual, the holy, or the divine.

In the modern world many people just see the bad sides of history and blame religion for our problems.  On this debate site most people think religions have cased more bad than good.  What do you think?


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